Production: We have our good looms for the production of carpet qualities on timely.
Designer: We have specialized designer who prepared designs graph perfectly by scale as per desired of customers.
Weavers: We have specialized weavers who weave rugs with perfect knots quality.
Finishers: We have good finishers who finished the rugs very well according to the patterns or designs.
Dyers: We are using ARS colors box and color pantones also matched the colors perfectly which is provided by respective Clients. Means we can make any colors provided by you perfectly.
Our Attention: We pay full attention towards the qualities of products from the beginning up to finished and packing of goods. No compromise with the qualities.
Specialty: We can make any custom designs rugs in any qualities, sizes, textures and colors as per your desired.

Design Work
Handknotted Loom 1
Handknotted Loom 2
Handknotted Loom 3
Handknotted Loom 4
Handknotted Persian Weaving 1
Handknotted Persian Weaving 2
Handknotted Persian Weaving 3
Handknotted Persian Weaving 4
Indo-Tibetan Weaving 1
Indo-Tibetan Weaving 2
Indo-Tibetan Weaving 3
Indo-Tibetan Weaving 4
Hand-Tuffted weaving 1
Indo-Tibetan Weaving 5
Washing 1
Washing 2
Handknotted weaving
Handloom weaving 2